Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are an efficient way to add charm and heat to any room in your house.  They run on a variety of fuels including, wood,  natural gas, and LP gas. Fireplaces are one of the most often requested additions by new homeowners according to the National Association of Home builders.

Fireplace inserts turn an old drafty energy wasting  fireplace into an efficient room heater that adds  to your comfort and to your rooms ambiance.  Countryside Stove Marcy, NY carries fireplace quality fireplace inserts from Avalon, Fireplace Xtrodinar, Lopi, Nordica, and Soleo.


Avalon Wood Fireplace Inserts


Fireplace Xtrodinar Wood Fireplace Inserts


Lopi Wood Fireplace Inserts


Nordica Wood Hearths


Avalon Pellet Fireplace Inserts


Avalon Gas Fireplace Inserts


Fireplace Xtrodinar Gas Fireplace Inserts



Lopi Gas Fireplace Inserts


Soleo Gas Hearths